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Site Selection
& Incentive Consulting

Among the many considerations of selecting a site for  a new corporate headquarter or manufacturing hub, our clients’ tend to focus upon the following key decision drivers: access to qualified labor; proximity (physical and logistical) to customers, supply chain efficiencies, quality of life consideration; available real estate; and the size of the incentive package.


While elected officials, municipalities, and states, eager to secure corporate capital investment and new jobs, are quick to advertise their location as an ideal fit, corporate stakeholders often find it difficult to quantify the financial impact of choosing one location over another,  to fairly compare incentive packages, often paid over many years, and – most importantly- to ensure promised incentives are collected.

Schnitzler Corporate Real Estate Services cross functional team, identifies suitable sites, (land, office & industrial space), promotes our clients’ growth objectives to municipal, state, and federal economic development agencies and elected official, models and contrasts the financial impact of different relocation options, negotiates and secures incentive packages, and monitors corporate incentive compliance so that all incentives are collected.


Clients engage us at the very beginning or, even, the end of a project. However, client contacting us early on in the planning process tend to reap the largest benefits: Below are some of the events that may trigger our clients to contact us.

  • M&A - Buyer or Seller

  • Lease Renewal - 25,000 square feet or more

  • Corporate Relocations – HQ, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales Offices, Data Centers

  • Job Creation, Retention or Consolidations – 25+ people

  • Capital Investment - $4 million or more

Ensuring that our work is always conflict-free, we exclusively represents the interest of our clients  (Corporate Tenants and Buyers) and have no association or business interest with landlords, EDOs, or elected officials.  This approach has earned us the respect of Senior government officials  and corporate decision makers alike and made as a trusted conduit for the most complex transaction.

We strongly believe that only results matter. Hence, we don’t charge
up-front  fees but are compensated for and commensurate with success.

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