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Lease Auditing
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Lease auditing is a systematic process that examines leasehold expenses, billing methodologies and lease language in commercial leases. A lease audit can help verify that charges billed to you are accurate and in compliance with your lease terms.


Areas of a Compliance Review Typically Include:

  • Annual Reconciliations / Operating Expenses / CAM Charges

  • Base Year Calculations

  • Escalation Indices: CPI, PPI, Porter’s Wage & other Index Driven Escalators

  • Gross Up Calculations

  • Base Rent / Percentage Rent / Free Rent and Concession Provisions

  • Impermissible Lease Expenses / Capital Expenditure

  • Pro Rata Share 

  • Insurance

  • HVAC / Utilities

  • Real Estate Tax / Specific Assessments and Parcels

  • Overtime Charges and Tenant Specific Chargebacks

  • All Other Chargebacks & Occupancy Related Costs

  • Space Measurement Verification

Lease Administration
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  • Database management

  • Critical date tracking

  • Invoice analysis

  • Estoppel analysis

Lease Abstraction
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Commercial property transactions have grown to be very complex, requiring detailed commercial leases with clauses to cover many different issues and details. Lease abstracting is a process usually performed upon receiving a new lease document, and our team focused on the most important, as well as most frequently used, information in a lease will be able to compile the most effective and useful lease abstract. In the day-to-day administration of lease obligations, a lease abstract provides a handy quick references eliminating time wasted on endless re-reading of lengthy



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