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When it comes to tapping into economic development using incentives, victory goes to those who seek win-win outcomes.
The premier 21st-century method to economic development plays out when companies structure incentives that flow efficiently, responsibly, and cost-effectively for both the corporation and the state economy. As a pioneer in this realm, Frank Schnitzler’s approach is founded in his company’s core principles:timing, listening, and fostering meaningful relationships. 


With decades of experience in commercial real estate negotiations, Frank has found that a strategic time to begin the process is when a company is just starting to consider options resulting from growth initiatives.












As the driver of the Economic Growth Cycle*, companies start with ideas, capital, and hard work which leads to job creation, economic growth, and company growth. Unfortunately, communication and regulation roadblocks and complex decisions can stymie company growth, particularly when companies do not regularly include incentive considerations in the early pre-growth planning stages. On top of that, pre-packaged incentives are fraught with application deadlines, compliance and regulatory issues.

Consequently, it is crucial for a business on the upswing to time a conversation with an experienced incentive emissary, like Schnitzler Inc. And that time should come at the onset of consideration of changes due to strong sales growth, mergers & acquisitions, lease expiration, changes in executive management, or new  go-to-market strategies. Doing so at this early stage provides fertile ground for identifying and attracting incentive offers that complement the company’s capital and growth needs with a state’s desire for economic growth.


The Ideal EGC

Think about it: have you learned more by listening or talking throughout your life? The answer should be obvious—we have two ears and one mouth for a very good reason.
Frank takes this to heart in his interactions with clients. As he says, “Understanding our client’s business and their future plans is key to assisting them in meeting their business objectives.”
By genuinely listening, Schnitzler Inc. frequently is able to identify solutions that go well beyond the client’s initial mindset about its problems and opportunities.  

Relationship Building

People who have the ability to build and maintain strong lasting relationships are more effective and achieve greater success than those who ignore or struggle with this competency, according to the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL).
That truth has been validated time and again throughout Schnitzler Inc.’s history. And its relevance is stronger than ever: 21st-century economic growth is directly dependent on fostering relationships between the public and private sectors.
These core principles at Schnitzler Inc supersede traditional organizational and political boundaries to become a conduit of dialogue between corporations and economic development programs which open opportunities for companies to responsibly use state incentives that help drive economic growth and pros

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