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The central US is growing 1.5x faster than the US as a whole, since 2007, reports Meridith Whitney in her report, "Fate of the States".
Meredith spoke to the attendees of the 2015 Trustbelt Conference, which in a new movement focused on the greater midwest's economic transformation. 


Close to 300 executives from the region of  America where manufacturing dominates gathered to discuss the resurgence of jobs through manufacturing. It appears there is growing interest in locating business in the central and midwest areas as quoted from the Trustbelt blog,

Silicon Valley transplant Mark Kvamme, co-founder of Drive Capital in Columbus, is quoted stating, “There are several macro-economic factors that will make the Midwest one of the dominant  economic regions in the world. I have bet my career on this region. The best place to build a company in the world in the next 25 years is the Midwest. We are at the center of what is happening.”

Read the entire article on the Trustbelt website

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